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Fresh Business Ideas

Hi there and welcome back to the Write Away blog, an online resource for entrepreneurs and those working for themselves, or thinking about making the leap into the world of self-employment.
Today’s post is about another useful internet resource for small business owners and anyone working for themselves.
Fresh Business Thinking is a website aimed squarely at this part of the market. It has a quality “Business Advice” section with articles on every aspect of running a business, anumber of “how-to” guides, ranging from Self-Assessment through to Recession-proofing your business, its own video channel and a newsletter you can subscribe to called the “Virtual Director” which aim to inspire and offer support on a wide range of topics.
The site also contains a directory of a range of businesses, which you can pay to be part of should you so desire.
The site has a good search facility that makes it easy to find relevant articles or information meaning you can dip in and out of the parts of the s…