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The Elevator Pitch

Hi again, and welcome back to Write Away, the blog for freelancers, small businesses, start-ups, and anybody interested in working for themselves.
This post, I’m going to pick up on a theme I’ve written about before, how to sell yourself effectively. Being able to describe what you do, or the service you offer, concisely, and in an interesting and memorable way, is a skill that anybody working for themselves should perfect.
A well-known method for doing this is to produce what is known as an “Elevator Pitch”. The website describes this as: “A short and to the point snippet of a service or product your company provides”.
The idea of an elevator pitch comes from the premise of what you would say to a stranger, who got into the lift with you, that would leave a positive, lasting impression of you, in the time it takes to get to their floor. In those few short seconds, you need to convey a professional manner and attract the other persons interest enough to remember you or to…