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Small Business Advice on a Beermat

Hello again.

Today's post is about the co-author of a well known business start up guide called “The Beermat Entrepreneur”.
Mike Southon is both an entrepreneur and business mentor and also writes regularly for the Mail on Sunday  and the Financial Times about small businesses and entrepreneurship.
The Beermat Entrepreneur is a business self-help book aimed at people who have an idea for a business and need to know how to take it to the next stage and turn the idea into a viable business.
Whilst the book is a recommended read for aspiring entrepreneurs, this post seeks to guide you to some useful resources on Mike Southon’s own website.

If you so desire (and can afford to!) you can book Mike for a personal appearance from here, but there are a number of other free resources that may be of more interest.

There are a number of free guides to download, some linked to the “Beermat” series but others, such as the useful “Sales pipeline simple spreadsheet”, that are good tools.
The site also contains a business E-zine  and blogs, that answer a range of small business related questions in a concise format. The blogs cover areas such as investment, finance, internet marketing, sales and creativity and are written by a number of guest “experts” as well as by Mike himself.
You can register to receive some further freebies and weekly business articles should you wish to.

The fact that Mike is a business mentor shows through on the site, which gathers some interesting information together and delivers them in easy to read, bite-size chunks.

In an age of information overload, particularly for small business wannabees, that makes a refreshing change!

The link is below, I hope it provides some inspiration!

Until next time.


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