Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Entrepreneur Revolution

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We don't often feature book reviews on Write Away, but felt the need to make an exception with a book we've just finished, as it felt so relevant to our followers, those looking to work for themselves and create new businesses. The book is Entrepreneur Revolution by Daniel Priestley.

In his introduction Daniel Priestley describes an entrepreneur as "someone who spots an opportunity and acts to make it into a commercial success" and in this simple description he challenges the common preconception that entrepreneurs are a different breed to the rest of us - the only difference is often in the way they think and approach things.

This is the main concept of this riveting book - it aims to develop the entrepreneurial mindset in all of us and starts by predicting that we are living in a period of great change relating to the way the world does business - no longer does corporate life and the regular 9 to 5 have to be the way the majority earn their living but reveals the next ten to twenty years will be the age of the entrepreneur revolution, where those open to it, will harness the power of the internet,and the cloud, to start global small businesses and become masters of their own destiny.

Daniel Priestley is an entrepreneur himself, and the book doesn't seek to preach his views but enlighten the interested reader, and this makes it an easy read (if you're interested!)

Will it help you start a business? If you approach it with an open mind and accept the challenges it lays down to you the reader, then I think it could be an invaluable tool in helping you take that next step, but it requires you to be prepared to change your mindset and step out of your comfort zone - but then anyone looking to start their own business would need to be prepared to do this anyway!

This is certainly a recommended read for anyone wanting to swap corporate life for the freedom of being their own boss and are prepared to change their thinking and seek to join the entrepreneur revolution.

We hope you enjoy it and find it as inspiring as we did.

Until next time.

Entrepreneur Revolution by Daniel Priestley is published by Capstone

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