Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Your Next Day Job?

Welcome back to Write Away, the business blog aimed at those working for themselves or anyone who'd love to but has yet to take that first step.

There is an increasing number of people who are deciding to become their own boss later on in their career.
There are many reasons for this, some people see it is a viable alternative to trying to get another job after redundancy, others are tired of working for someone else and some just have a big idea that is bursting to be launched in the form of a new business.
Becoming self employed can also be a fantastic way of gaining a better work / life balance when you have a young family and working hours need to fit around school hours.

Whatever the reason, there are a number of benefits to becoming your own boss later in your career. Not only do you have a lot more experience to draw on, you also have the benefit of having made some mistakes at someone else's expense!

Often, those over forty may also be fortunate to have built some savings which they could use to either launch their business or to draw on when cash flow is tight in the early phases of a new business.

However, taking the brave step to move away from the relative security of a weekly or monthly pay packet requires some courage and confidence in your idea and your ability to turn it into a commercial success.
There are growing numbers of organisations aimed at supporting entrepreneurs who are thinking of such a change later in their careers. One such example is Prime (Princes Initiative for Mature Enterprise) which supports business creation for those over 50. Another relatively new group is My Next Day Job, aiming to support the over 40's who want to make changes to their careers.
Theolderentrepreneur is a another website aimed very specifically at providing a network and support for people wanting to start their own business later in their career.

As usual, the links are at the end if the post, and remember, whatever stage of life you are at, its never too late to work for yourself, you are probably better equipped, in terms of experience and knowledge, than many younger people, and there are no shortage of other like minded individuals out there looking to help and support you - why not give it a go?


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