Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Ideas Source

Hello again.

Today’s post looks at online sources of ideas for new business ventures.

A lot of people have aspirations to start their own business, but if you have no obvious skill or knowledge that can be transferred into a business opportunity, the age old question of what business you could start, comes to light.

Well fear not, here are a couple of excellent websites that could help you uncover the “next big thing”, or at least inspire you to think laterally when you see some of the innovative business ideas around today.

Trendwatching employs a network of spotters around the globe who share the very latest consumer trends and how technological innovations are developing.

Springwise is the sister-site of Trendwatching and employs a similar network sharing the latest entrepreneurial ideas and new business trends - looking at the vast array on offer could provide some valuable start-up inspiration.

If you are not familiar with these sites, check them out, they are a treasure trove of information and innovative ideas, get inspired!


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