Sunday, 27 March 2011

You Selling You

Hello All.

A while ago, I attended a Management Development course that was taken by Steve Miller.
Steve is a motivational speaker and has appeared widely in the media and on television, his courses and master classes cover a number of areas including losing weight and gaining confidence.

A main feature of the course I did was about developing and selling yourself, either in paid employment, if you are pushing for promotion or working for yourself and trying to sell your services.
For a lot of small business owners, particularly freelancers, you are your businesses product. You are trying to sell you. Whether it is your services (such as a car mechanic window cleaner or painter and decorator) or your expertise (i.e. an accountant or solicitor) you have to convince the potential client to invest their money in you.

Steve’s view was that confidence is the key to this important area.
That may not be rocket science, but he went on to show us how being able to sell yourself, and be confident doing it, can make a big difference to how others perceive you.
He went on to tell us that “Success is 80% selling yourself and 20% selling your ‘product’” and that mastering these skills will also increase your powers of negotiation.

If you’re interested in this area, Steve has written a book about the subject called “You Selling You” (2006, Arima publishing) or you can read more about him and the seminars and master classes he takes on his website, the link is below.

Never underestimate the benefit of being able to sell “You PLC”.

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