Sunday, 11 March 2012

An Online Freelance Community

Welcome back to Write Away.

Our latest post is about a website that is aiming to create a massive online community for freelancers, writers and anyone running a home business.

Ihubbub aims to replicate the “hubbub” heard when home workers get together and network. It wants users, who often work isolation, to feel part of a buzzing community of people who are in the same situation as them. It also wants to create a market place for businesses to use each other’s skills and grow together.

First impressions are that it does this very well, the look and feel of the site are good, it is easy to navigate and there are a host of resources and information aimed at those working from home, whatever your business.

There are three levels of membership, which allow you to pitch and interact with other users to different degrees, but the basic level is free enabling you to create a build a profile before starting to pitch for work or develop your online contacts and networks.
You can register as an individual or a business, and this then gives you a unique URL for you to build a profile of your own. You can post your own blog or join relevant groups and connect with other members.

This looks like an excellent resource for freelancers and Home Business owners, and one which is sure to grow, so check it out, it could be a source of new clients and great way to meet your online colleagues.

As usual, the web address is below, until next time…

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