Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Need Inspiration?

Hello again, welcome back to Write Away, the blog for small business owners, freelancers and those looking to start their own business.

Today I want to talk about ideas and inspiration for starting a business, and where you might find it.

Whilst many people who want to work for themselves, have a business idea that is an extension of their hobby or very specific to their employment, a large number of would-be entrepreneurs love the idea of working for themselves but are not sure what they would do if they took the plunge.

As a writer, I carry a notebook with me everywhere, as I never know when inspiration might strike. If you’re looking for a business idea, this could be a useful tool for you too – when you visit other businesses, keep asking yourself if some aspect of the service or product could be improved and make a note of your thoughts.
Additionally, when you are looking for a specific product, and can’t find it, think about if there is a gap in the market, many a successful business have been started in this way in the past.
Don’t worry about what goes into your notebook – nobody’s going to read it but you, and two completely separate or random thoughts or notes could combine to provide real inspiration.

However, enough of my suggestions, if you would like to look at something a bit more tangible then the website has a whole section dedicated to business ideas, even having a top 10 businesses to start up in 2012.
There are a range of resources on offer here, all free, and it might only take one suggestion to crystallise an idea that you can work on and develop.

As usual, the link is below, if you’re looking for some inspiration I hope it delivers, but don’t forget, your great idea might be waiting to be discovered when you’re out and about tomorrow.

Until next time.

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