Friday, 28 April 2017

Read all about it?

Hi there, and welcome back to Write Away, the blog for freelancers, small businesses, start-ups and anyone interested in working for themselves.
This time I wanted to draw your attention to a great business publication that I have come across recently called “BQ” which stands for Business Quarter. The magazine is full of inspiring stories from entrepreneurs who are running successful and growing businesses, and share their experiences, highs and lows, and tips for how they got to where they are today.

The latest edition (pictured above) contains fascinating articles about microbrewery business Brewdog and a great interview with a former contestant on BBC televisions “The Apprentice”.

 The magazine has an excellent sister website, the link is shown below, which has some regional content to it as well, and you can sign up to free e:mail newsletters if you so desire.

The website also features a host of content that is very sector specific, so if you are operating in the construction sector or business services or the creative sector, there will be something of relevance here for you.

In my experience there are only a limited number of good publications aimed at Small Businesses (and that is only my opinion, if you know of some, please add them to the comments below this post), and this is certainly one of the better ones.

I hope you find this resource useful, until next time……..


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