Sunday, 30 January 2011

Teamwork Works!

Welcome back.

Today’s post discusses the value of working with others, either on ideas for a new business or in actually starting something up together.

I think there is a common view, that starting a business is something you do on your own initially, and this can mean that would-be entrepreneurs miss out on valuable advice and input from others.

A few years ago, I enrolled on a course called Teamstart, the basic premise being to bring a group of people together who either had a business idea, or just a burning desire to work for themselves.
The six-week programme consisted of different modules linked to starting a business with a number of workshops included, where you were put into pairs or groups to come up with, and work on, various business ideas.

I made lasting friendships from the course, but it also taught me that two or three heads can definitely be better than one when you’re trying to come up with that elusive business idea or concept.

So if you’re struggling in this area, think about involving others.

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