Wednesday, 26 January 2011

That community feeling!

Welcome back.
This is the first in a series of posts on websites specifically aimed at start ups and small businesses, links to the websites covered will be at the end of the post.

The internet is a mine of information on a whole host of different subjects, resources and advice for small business and start ups are no exception. You can spend hours browsing through hundreds of websites without finding exactly what you are looking for.
One of the aims of this blog is to keep you informed about interesting and useful online resources and websites that are aimed at small businesses and start ups.

One of my favourite online resources is the Enterprise Nation website

Enterprise Nation was founded by Emma Jones, who has started several small businesses of her own and launched the site to build an online resource and community of small businesses that could support each other, and very good it is too.

As a spin off from the Enterprise Nation website, Jones has also founded another website, Bitsy, which describes itself as “the friendliest B2B marketplace on the web” with the idea again centering around an online community of small business owners which also allows them to advertise their goods or services to other members and the business community in general.

Bitsy has only been launched very recently, so is still in its infancy, but for a very affordable £5 per month, you can advertise your business’ goods or services to the online community. Joining Bitsy is free if you just want access to the forums and blog.

I highly recommend both of these sites, they are well laid out, have a good feel to them, the content is good and you could find many worse places to while away a few minutes looking for business advice and inspiration.

Take a look, I’ll be interested in your views.

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